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    Fortune 500 Business Litigation
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    Biglaw Civil Litigation

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    Danielle Webb is one of the principal owners of Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC. Danielle has 20 years of experience representing clients in a wide variety of civil disputes, including family law, business torts, contract, insurance, and financial services matters. After practicing in litigation departments at large firms in both Charlotte and Washington, D.C., Danielle left Big Law in February 2012 in order to better serve her individual and business clients, refocusing her practice on the areas of civil litigation, family law, small business litigation, estate planning, and general dispute resolution.

    The critical tenant and focus of Danielle’s litigation practice are resolving disputes in a manner that allows both parties to grow and move forward from the events that gave rise to their conflict. Although she has litigated numerous actions from start to finish in a variety of forums—trials, arbitrations, mediations, and administrative actions—she recognizes that most disputes benefit more from a spirit of compromise and cooperation than from a knock-down, drag-out fight. Because each client, each relationship and each case is unique, each must follow its own course, and she has the expertise and experience to guide clients as they chart their way.