Brand Development

Lawyers often forget that brand building is more than advising on strictly legal issues. Often clients have their own set of business-oriented issues that could be problem areas or areas of savings. Sales, logistics, advertising, packaging, website security, banking and importing are all areas to evaluate.


Your logos, artwork, and product designs are what sets your business apart from everyone else. With Milazzo Webb Law, you have the advantage of lawyers who will learn about your business from you, so we can identify your intellectual property needs. Often, we spot other matters for you to think about like advertising, regulatory and internet concerns. We bring a wealth of experience and excellence in these areas.

Having worked for almost twenty years with brands like Under Armour, New Balance, Gold Toe, Gildan, PGA, and Smartwool, we have large firm and large corporation expertise in how to start a brand, build a firm foundation for a brand, value a brand and help the brand dominate the marketplace.