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Criminal Law


Navigating traffic law in North Carolina is a complex process best handled by skilled attorneys. At Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, we will look at your driving history and the traffic charges in order to advocate for your best interests in the courtroom. We look at the complete picture so that you can be in the best position possible at the conclusion of the matter.


When facing a DWI charge, individuals need lawyers who will listen, understand and advocate. At Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, we strive to get the full story. We understand the law and will work to achieve positive results.


When faced with a driver’s license suspension, people need capable lawyers who understand the issues. We look at the driving history and work to correct the problems that caused the suspension. We understand the DMV process, and will work to get you safely back on the roads.


If you have been charged with a drug offense, we will get the full story, understanding that the underlying situation may be complex. We will interview witnesses, look at the evidence and advocate for you. We will negotiate on your behalf, fight for your rights and work to get the best outcome for you.


Misdemeanor crimes range in-significance and can have a lasting impact on people. We at Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, understand that although the crime may be labeled as a misdemeanor, it is an incredibly significant charge for the individual. We will make sure we understand your situation. We will interview witnesses. We will review charging documents and police reports. We will walk through the court process with you and advise you on the best outcomes.


Restraining orders often come at a very chaotic time. At Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, we will work to understand your side of the story. We will get the facts from you and work to understand the full context of the situation that led to a restraining order. That way, we can best advise you and guide you through the restraining order process.

Firm Partners

Brandy believes that the real “win” is when both sides feel great when they come together or go their separate ways. She always tells her clients on the front end, “I will give you the legal answer and consequences, I will tell you what I am seeing in the market, I will tell you what I, as a business owner, would do, and, then, you, my client will make the business and legal decision. Then, I know that you are making the best decision with the best information. This often means leaving some arguments, negotiations, and red-lining on the table. As long as you, the client understands that and the consequences, and still feel good about your decision, I have done my best job.”

The critical tenant and focus of Danielle’s litigation practice is resolving disputes in a manner that allows both parties to grow and move forward from the events that gave rise to their conflict.

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