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A Track Record of Success in Defense Litigation

Global Supply Chain

Milazzo Webb Law, PLLC, understands that every business depends on relationships with its strategic partners, vendors, suppliers, and/or customers, to achieve their business goals and dreams. Our team also understands that when those relationships are going well, none of the parties want to spend time or money to document the relationship. Milazzo Webb counsels all of its business clients to document these relationships when they are going well and, preferably, at inception, so that if and when the relationship encounters challenges, all parties know and understand their obligations and rights and can work toward a mutual solution much more efficiently. Our team also understands that one size does not fit all – one contract is not right for every business or relationship – even if seemingly similar – each relationship is unique.


We assist clients in documenting all relationships uniquely, appropriately and efficiently, from the smallest to the most significant, whether due to the amount, the product or service, or critical relationship involved so that the relationships critical to our clients’ successes do not become obstacles to our clients achieving their goals and dreams. This allows our clients to focus on the best use of their time and resources to achieve the client’s long-term, future success.


  • Logistics Contracts
  • Manufacturing Agreements
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Technology Agreements
  • Master Service Agreements
  • Statements of Work/Work Orders
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Requirements Contracts
  • Marketing, Promotion, Sponsorship, Branding, and Co-Branding Contracts
  • Professional Services
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Procurement Contracts

Firm Partners

Brandy believes that the real “win” is when both sides feel great when they come together or go their separate ways. She always tells her clients on the front end, “I will give you the legal answer and consequences, I will tell you what I am seeing in the market, I will tell you what I, as a business owner, would do, and, then, you, my client will make the business and legal decision. Then, I know that you are making the best decision with the best information. This often means leaving some arguments, negotiations, and red-lining on the table. As long as you, the client understands that and the consequences, and still feel good about your decision, I have done my best job.”

The critical tenant and focus of Danielle’s litigation practice is resolving disputes in a manner that allows both parties to grow and move forward from the events that gave rise to their conflict.

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